Uptown Pub & Grill

Custom Burgers...

Hand made Burgers, Great Wings, and the rest of our home made menu is what Uptown Pub & Grill has gained notoriety for. Fresh "Build your own" burgers, Wings to die for, Real Italian beef, Prime rib steak sandwiches like you never had before will bring you back for more!

Friday Fish Fry...

Try the norm, Walleye or Cod or go for the Ocean, Mahi-Mahi, Grouper or cheese stuffed Shrimp Jammers, you'll be impressed. We love cooking great food!

Great Beers...

Uptown Pub & Grill offers over 65 different Craft beers for you to choose from. Wheats, IPA's, Stouts, Reds, Ambers, Lagers, Pilsners, Imports... Pair one of these up with one of our great menu items!

S.E. Wisconsin Food Talk...

This is a bar on a small street in the Uptown area of Racine that you would never find if you didn’t make a special effort to go there. Don’t give up though, you will be missing an excellent burger. Uptown pub has a few tables, a few tvs, but by and large this is a bar – probably not a place to bring your toddler.

Uptown offers build your own burgers – 1/3 lb grilled for $6.50 and a stuffed burger or $7.50. We had one of each – Bacon cheese burger and a Stuffed blue cheese burger with swiss and grilled onions.

The burger tasted just as delicious as it looks in the photo. Pink in the middle, great bun, perfectly cooked bacon and cheese. The chipotle mayo was a perfect addition to the typical bacon cheeseburger. The stuffed burger with blue was transcendental — the blue cheese melted in the middle into like a creamy sauce. (The picture I had didn’t really do it justice so I omitted it) Paired with the bacon and the grilled onions — hot damn!


March 22, 2016



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